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We are your best ally for purchasing and managing the recyclable scrap of your company in Mexico.

Recycling is more than an action, it is the value of responsibility to preserve our planet and its natural resources.
We are committed to providing our clients with a quality service that facilitates the correct disposal of the metallic and recyclable waste that they generate in their company.

Purchase and sale of materials

At FDN Recycling we buy all kinds of ferrous scrap, non-ferrous metals and electronic scrap, as an integral part of our service we also recycle and collect cardboard, wood, plastics, hazardous waste and garbage.

We take care of giving you an excellent service, we have the capacity to cover all the requirements that your company requires for the correct disposal and handling of all your recyclable materials. 


Our prices are highly competitive since we are exporters and suppliers of metal scrap for the largest steel mills and foundries in the country.

Advantages of teaming up with us?


We offer a professional service and advice for comprehensive SCRAP management, we provide solutions to our clients for the correct handling and disposal of all their metallic and recyclable waste, translating into higher income for the generating company.


Service and specialized care

We have a highly trained, friendly and attentive work team, capable of providing solutions and resolving any specific situation quickly.

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Competitive prices

We offer the highest prices in the market, based on indicators and national and international markets.

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Solid Relationships

We are motivated to form long-lasting relationships with our clients based on the implementation and application of the values that define us such as honesty and transparency.

Reliable Company
We have more than 25 years of experience in handling industrial scrap, we offer solutions that add value and security to your company's recycling process. We have various permits and certifications that endorse us as a trusted company and accredit that we abide by the corresponding laws and regulations.

FDN Recycling Industrial Process

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