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Electronic Scrap / E-Waste / E-Scrap / Electronic Scrap

We are a collection and recycling center for electronics authorized and endorsed by the Ministry of the Environment.

FDN Recycling is Certified in the international electronic recycling standard R2V3 and RIOS.

We actively participate in the state collection program.

We recycle industrial, government, institutional and commercial electronic Scrap.

We take care of proper waste management in order to decontaminate and take advantage of the materials they contain and, in turn, contribute to protecting the environment, promoting their recycling and a conscious disposal at the end of their useful life.

Authorizations and permits.

FDN is a company authorized for the transport, handling, collection, purchase, recycling and export of special handling waste. This way you can correctly dispose of your electronic waste in accordance with the official regulations of the Ministry of the Environment and Semarnat.


Materials and equipment that we purchase and receive.



All kinds of electronic cards (PCB's), IC Chips, laptops, CPU's, UPS's, mother cards, RAM memory cards, comb/pci, video cards, disk drives, power supplies, chargers, hard drives, electronic circuits, no break's, switches, routers, lcd monitors.



Cell phones and their accessories, landlines.

Comunication system.

Modems, antennas, cables.


Cabinets, switches.


Electronic equipment and components for the aerospace and aeronautical industry, medical equipment, industrial electronic equipment, measurement equipment, surveillance equipment, household appliances and more.

Materials and equipment that we did NOT buy or receive.

Analog TV's, CRT monitors or refrigerators.

Collection center

Our collection center is located at Blvd. Vito Alessio Robles #6689 Col. Asturias in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.


Here we classify the different components for recycling, reuse or confinement. No electronics collected by FDN Recycling will end up in illegal landfills, streams, dumps or dumps.


We offer highly competitive prices at an international level, we evaluate your electronic equipment thoroughly to offer the highest value to your dismantled equipment or at the end of its useful life.


Contact, inventory evaluation through a list, photographs or personal visit, quotation, collection, transport, weighing, payment and recycling.


We take care of it, we have the experience to collect at home, handle and transport your material to our collection center. You will be offered a collection plan according to your inventory and needs.


If the amount to be disposed of is a considerable amount that costs the collection, we will coordinate the logistics to collect your electronics, taking into account the quantity and quality of the inventory that you have sent us.


If you have a smaller quantity and a collection is not affordable, we will coordinate with the client a parcel shipment to our collection center.

Deletion and destruction of Information

We recommend extracting all your information before sending your equipment for recycling.  If you did not, we will take care of destroying the information securely.


correct disposition

We guarantee through a certificate of destruction 100% recycling of your obsolete or useless electronic products, which means that we will not send to landfills or dispose illegally.



Environmental care.

Highly competitive prices.

Responsible and professional recycling guarantee.

Recycling certificate.

Tax Destruction.


Certificate and environmental manifesto

Statement that we deliver to our clients that guarantees the type of electronics and the amount received that will consequently be managed correctly.

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