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Cardboard, Wood and Plastic

  • American cardboard

  • national carton

  • mixed carton

  • polyethylene plastic

  • polypropylene plastic

  • thermoplastics

  • Wooden platform

  • wood bits

Integral service


We take care of giving you an excellent service, we have the capacity to cover all the requirements that your company requires for the correct disposal and handling of all your recyclable materials.

Our prices are highly competitive since we are exporters and suppliers of metal scrap for the largest steel mills and foundries in the country.


Roll off containers, Self-emptying hoppers, Platforms, Low boy, Gondolas, Junk boxes, Dry boxes, Trailers, Trucks, Trailers, Vans, Lift truck, Cranes, Personnel, cutting equipment, presses, packers and more.


We have extensive experience in exports

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